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Neck Pain Can Cause Headaches

I found an old abcnews.com article, titled “Headaches: What a Pain in the Neck.” It explains in a very reader friendly way how posture, muscle weakness and tightness, and bad habits can contribute to neck pain and eventually headaches.

Cervicogenic headaches, as they’re called, are headaches that stem from some type of dysfunction of the cervical spine. It can be caused by a malalignment of the cervical vertebrae, tightness in the muscles at the back of the neck near the skull as well as along the sides of the neck, or due to poor posture. In any case, they are different from migraines or tension headaches. (Consult with a health care provider to determine if your headaches may be originating in the cervical spine.)

If your headaches are caused by tightness in the cervical musculature at the base of the neck, using a Ma roller or still point inducer may be of benefit. (I have a Ma roller that I use any time I feel tension, tightness, or malalignment anywhere along my spine with immediate relief most of the time…I couldn’t live without mine.) Another simple technique to try is to roll a tennis ball along the base of the neck to help relieve tightness. Performing simple neck exercises will also be of help for cervicogenic headaches.

If you have neck pain and headaches, there is a chance that they are directly related. Speak to your health care provider and understand there are many non-invasive, non-chemical treatment options that can help you.

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