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Quiz Results

Here are the correct answers to the quiz. Corrected answers are in red.

Match Wits

1. The pain of a migraine headache is (B) usually moderate to severe.

2. An abortive medication (A) treats the headache after it has begun.

3. Tension-type headache pain is (E) not usually associated with nausea or vomiting.

4. Triptans (D) are the newest class of drugs targeted to relieve migraine.

5. A Headache Diary (C) helps track migraine triggers.

It’s Your Choice

1. The pain of migraine may be accompanied by (D) All
a. Nausea b. Vomiting c. Sensitivity to light/sound d. All

2. How much does migraine cost U.S. businesses each year? (A) $13 billion
a. $13 billion b. $5 million-$17 million c. $100 million d. $500 million

3. Which of the following can be a migraine trigger? (D) All
a. Stress b. Alcohol c. Medication d. All

4. How many times more likely are women affected by migraine than men? (B) Three
a. Two b. Three c. Four d. Five

5. If both parents have migraine, what is the chance their children will have migraines?
(C) 75%
a. 50% b. 25% c. 75% d. 100%

Fact or Fiction

1. Workplace stress is not a common headache trigger. (B)Fiction
a. Fact b. Fiction

2. The cause of migraine may be linked to chemical reactions in the brain. (A)Fact
a. Fact b. Fiction

3. Nearly half of women migraine sufferers surveyed reported that their ability to function at work is affected by their headaches. (A)Fact
a. Fact b. Fiction

4. Cluster headache is very common. (B)Fiction
a. Fact b. Fiction

5. Programs like Migraine Mentors at Work may help reduce disability associated with migraine. (A)Fact
a. Fact b. Fiction

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