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How Are Migraine Headaches Treated?

The most important step in treating your migraine is to consult your healthcare professional about any concerns you may have. A qualified healthcare professional will:

  • Listen to your concerns.
  • Ask specifically about migraine and other headache symptoms.
  • Diagnose the condition and rule out other possibilities.
  • Help identify triggers and develop strategies for avoiding them.
  • Develop a treatment plan that may include a preventive or acute medication.

Click here for tips on maximizing a visit to your healthcare professional.

Many migraine sufferers go undiagnosed, believing they have to put up with migraine pain. But recent advances in research have led to new migraine medications that can be very effective in alleviating migraine pain. Click here for more information on current medications used to treat migraine.

Other things that you can do to help manage or prevent migraine attacks include:

  • If your healthcare professional prescribes a migraine medication, be sure to keep some with you at all times, and take it exactly as directed.
  • Learn about and avoid migraine triggers.
  • Keep a Headache Diary –it may help you to relate the migraine to one or more triggers.
  • Eat and sleep regularly. Changes in lifestyle can be a major trigger. Do your best to maintain your normal sleeping and eating patterns, especially during stressful times and while traveling.
  • To reduce risk of rebound headache, do not take pain relievers daily and discuss their use with your healthcare professional.
  • Eat a healthful diet and get enough exercise. Always check with your healthcare professional before starting any exercise regimen.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Some migraineurs find relief through non-medicinal treatments (like biofeedback, relaxation techniques or cognitive-behavioral therapy) and herbal/alternative products. Be sure to discuss these with your healthcare professional.
  • Check out some of the many migraine-related Web sites and support groups on the Internet. Click here for more information.
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