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Migraines at Work

FOR EMPLOYERS Migraine has an enormous impact on the workplace, including lost workdays and decreased productivity. Click here to learn more about how migraine may be affecting your business, and what you can do to help minimize its impact. As an employer, you may not be aware of the actual financial impact that migraine can have on your business. The following information will help you determine how seriously your company may be affected by migraine. You will also find information to help you develop strategies to provide relief for your employees, regain lost productivity, and reduce the overall economic burden of migraine.

FOR EMPLOYEES Migraine is a common and debilitating condition that can significantly affect the way you do your job. Click here to learn more about how you can manage migraine and get back to doing what you do best. These days, you simply don’t have a minute to spare. It’s not easy meeting the professional and personal demands placed on your time, especially if you suffer from migraine. And having to miss time from work is just not an acceptable option. The good news is, with education, a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment, migraine can be effectively managed. Recent advances in our understanding of the condition have significantly improved today’s treatment options. And that means you can take back control of your life, and do the things that matter most to you. In this Web site, we’ll look at migraine, how it can affect your job and everyday activities, and what you can do to regain control. Follow the links on the side to get started.